SEO Startups -10 Minute Google Video & To Do List

Starting a website about SEO Startups is a huge undertaking, (WE KNOW) so while We gather our thoughts, make our list of ideas, & dream of how great this site will someday be Here is a simple video about getting started in Search Engine Optimization.

10 Minute Google Video Guide for SEO Startups


Topics Included:

1 – Decide what you want visitors to see
2- Verify ownership & sign up for webmaster tools
3- Sign up for email forwarding to get google notices
4 – Perform a background check on your domain
5 – See if your site is indexed – do a colon search
6 – Use the fetch as Googlebot feature
7 – Submit URL’s as pages are created or updated
8 – Use Google analytics or similar – Start collecting data
9 – Use a good strategy in your website design
10 – Try to meet the needs of all visitor type
11 – Use a navigation menu on every page
12 – Create pages that are topic oriented
13 – Make pages that are easy to read & understand
14 – Include relevant text keywords on each page
15 – Use other relevant terms & phrases
16 – Have easy to find answers to visitor questions
17 – Each page should have a unique topic, title & description
18 – Use informative & descriptive anchor text links
19 – Hire a reputable SEO Company or learn how to do it yourself
20 – No link buys, inflated guarantees or over optimization tactics
21 – Try to create pages with fast load time – minimize big files
22 – Be sure to rank high for your company name and brand
23 – Spread the word – become social online as a business
24 – Create an identity on key sites – share your expertise
25 – Get others to represent your company & interact for you
26 – Make sure positive conversions happen on your website

seo startups for online businesses

As you can see, there is a lot of steps involved in website SEO Startups. Taking the time to become an expert or finding a good SEO Agency is an important step in creating an online presence for your business Take the time to learn & enjoy each step & you will be well on your way to having online success.

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