Kaleidoscope Postcards – Business Advertising Just Got Better!

Paperscope Kaleidoscope Postcards

Paperscope Kaleidoscope Postcards are the Bomb when it comes to Business Advertising. Don’t get too excited yet because they are still in early production stages but get ready because they will be coming to an advertising option near you.

Soon every business will have this option to advertise their very important message to the world via this unique idea brought to you by Paperscope. Plan ahead & reward your customers next year with a Holiday Christmas Themed Postcard that turns into a Kaleidoscope that they can put together themselves. How Great is that?

Justin who has been working on this fun invention says, “We’ve just launched the campaign for Paperscope on Kickstarter. Their Team has marked our project as “Project We Love” already.”

Just Previewing the Kickstarter Detail Page made me feel nostalgic about being a kid again. Ans just to clarify, this project is not just your every day Kickstarter request. Yes, they may be looking for investment seed money via donations to get this going but what’s different is that they have promised to reward everyone who helps with pre-production postcard kaleidoscopes shipped free to any address in the world. Again I Say…How Great is that?

Now that I’ve told you what I think, you can check them out for yourself & in person if you help. Click on the below link to get all the details yourself:  Kaleidoscope Postcard Kickstarter Page


Kaleidoscope Postcards from Paperscope

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