How to Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO

Currently, mobiles phone use is on the rise and taking the internet by storm. Now used more often than desktop computers, quick searching with mobile devices is much handier and can be done on the fly from anywhere. As a business, it is important that your website is optimized for mobile search use to be competitive. Below are some important guidelines that show How to Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO to make your website show up in higher search results.

How to Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO

Consider using a responsive design software program for your website because it will automatically adjust itself depending on the device used and appear correctly on different devices. Google recommends this is the number one change that can make your website more mobile friendly. A responsive theme will reduce images and videos  to match whatever the screen size of the device is to make navigating and page viewing easier then ever. Adding this feature will make your website more accessible to users and more available in searches since google gives higher priority to mobile friendly websites.

Pay attention to the loading speed time of your web pages as this too will significantly affect how Google sees and ranks your site. Most users will leave a page if it takes more than five seconds to load. Since mobile devices are more dependent on network speed, a slower loading website will take too much time on a mobile phone or another devise.

You can check your website page speeds by using the Google Page Speed Tool to test the loading time of any page. If your page loads significantly slower than most, google gives important guidelines and tips on how  to improve page load times. Reducing large images and videos will help make mobile searching quick and easy if it is done correctly.

Make sure that your website hasn’t blocked page resources so a search engine understands the information that appears on your website page. All CSS coding should be clearly seen and the robot.txt should not block any page resources that your site needs to load right. Using the mobile SEO tool will help you to get a good picture of any changes that need attention.

  • Using shorter keyword phrases matter on mobile searches since web pages rank better hen they are used for mobile traffic.
  • Make extra efforts to optimize your site for local search results since most mobile users are searching for nearby info.
  • Always include a meta description so search engines understand the contents of your website page.
  • Make an effort to create shorter pages so they are easily accessible. Most users are looking for quick info, not slow loading pages.

Include relevant information and keywords in a way that makes your pages optimized for good mobile search results.

The Fact is that mobile websites have the edge over their competition if they are mobile friendly so be sure to consider this important aspect when designing or updating your website. If you incorporate the above suggested rules and follow googles guidelines above on How to Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO specifically for page speed, keyword optimization & image size, it will go a long way to reaping the benefits of showing up higher in long term search results.

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