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‘clock yesterday afternoon,barbour hat, the family received a clear Yangshan funeral notice, saying the remains of swallows in Sanchaji bridge near the surface of the river downstream was found and sent to the funeral home.

A river before, Swallow told his friends Xiaohui, “Over the years very tired, want to go with my father.” And Swallow’s father had passed away the year before.

The 19-year-old girl over very tired after a river entrance frustrated about 8:00 pm on June 25, Yuelu District Huaxin entrance cram school students repeat classes Xiaohui (a pseudonym) received a classmate Swallow (a pseudonym) of the phone, notification

She Floats cafe to sit and chat,barbour steve mcqueen.

Xiaohui arrived, swallows somewhat depressed mood.

Swallow told Xiaohui, this year’s college entrance examination of their own culture is only 423 points, more than she originally estimated to be less a hundred points.

This 19-year-old, has a 2-year repeat Arts candidate swallows, this year is still only read two universities.

At 9 pm, swallows and Xiaohui out from the coffee shop to relax Floats.

“Walking to the river seems to swallow the habit before she come more often, she likes to walk in the embankment layers of stone steps.” Xiaohui said, Swallow then chatted with their own learning, the college entrance examination, it is lost, but also from time to time

pick up the phone to make a call.

“I listen to her family seems to be a different call.” 23:00 or so, my mother Zhang Canying swallows call “side of the phone crying, feeling very excited.” Xiaohui stop An Weiyan child, “said she swallows

Over the years very tired and want to go along with his father. “Swallow hear the words, Xiaohui suddenly tense, because Xiaohui know, Swallow’s father passed away two years ago.

Then, remove the bag swallows, took off his shoes and socks, took just half a meter wide, swept over the surface of the platform.

“I’m afraid she jumped, I took her and she suddenly grasp the phone in his hand aside and wait for me to help her pick up the phone, she jumped up.” Xiaohui said.

Salvage failed in the river near the bridge Sanchaji swallows drowning body was found later, Xiaohui help to the people around, but went unheeded.

Xiaohui can call 110, and phone contact with Swallows Swallows on the family.

“The police soon came, a police officer took more than 4 meters long pole and stuck it into the water bottomless.” Around 12 o’clock that night, the mother of Zhang Canying and swallow some of the families from the nearby train station rushed home

waterfront,barbour wellies.

At 1 am, Swallow’s uncle Zhang also arrived from Yueyang.

Search and rescue teams also on the scene to rescue them, a small boat carrying two search and rescue team began search and rescue work.

From yesterday, 1:00 to 9:00, after eight hours of search and rescue, search and rescue personnel searched the swallows drowning at about 100 meters of water to downstream, but could not find the swallows.

Families who once suspected, Swallow remains possible at the scene a fishery boat bottom.

Yesterday morning, the families and the fishery staff communication, hope someone can remove easily search and rescue vessels.

At noon yesterday, the reporter saw in the fishery boat on duty last night Tang (sound).

Tang told reporters, “It was really see someone drowning,barbour coat, and took a turn buoy trying to rescue.” Until yesterday evening, fishing boats did not move nothing.

In this regard, Tang explained, “We have been waiting for them (the swallow family) come to discuss.” Reporters saw Zhang Canying, she was sitting on a chair on the river embankment,quilted jackets, she confirmed to reporters on the 25th

11pm, daughter jumping befor it through the last one with his phone, “the phone I could hear her crying, a pumping a pumping, emotional should be very unstable and really did not think she would jump

go on. “eight o’clock last night, the reporter contacted the Swallow’s brother Zhao.

He told reporters, Swallow’s body was found about 5:00 pm, location is Sanchaji bridge downstream near the river, has now been sent out Yangshan funeral home.

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